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The Law Office of Ido Tuchman

The Law Office of Ido Tuchman focuses on intellectual property law. Our practice areas include patents, trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets, licensing, and litigation. Whether you are an individual, an emerging business or a large public corporation, we can help you acquire, perfect and protect intellectual property assets.


The firm handles all stages of patent protection. We file and prosecute patent applications, conduct pre-filing searches, render patentability and infringement opinions, and litigate patent lawsuits. Our patent practice serves clients with diverse technology backgrounds including computer science, electronics and mechanical engineering.


The firm can help you obtain and preserve trademarks for products and services. We regularly conduct trademark clearance searches, evaluate the availability of proposed marks, and prosecute trademark applications. We are skilled in defending against and asserting trademark infringement claims.


We can help you register copyrightable works, stop others from copying, distributing, modifying, performing or displaying these works without your permission, and defend against copyright infringement claims. Our firm can assist you in negotiating and drafting license agreements for copyrighted material.

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